22 August 2014

OTN August 22 2014

Now don't be too jealous. Aren't the red, white and blue socks great?  Yep. I know you want them but you will have to make your own. You can get the yarn from The Painted Tiger. I used my standard sock pattern with a garter stitch short row heel and toe.

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13 August 2014

My Old Typewriter

I love this thing!

When I inherited it the keys barely worked, but the rest of it was in pristine condition (Auntie took care of her things). The keys were so gummed up that it took too much pressure to get them to move. And the ribbon had seen a lot of use and re-use.

After googling how (and what to use) to clean it I set to work. It took several different sessions, but I finally got the keys to move easily. Yay!

The next step was to find a ribbon. Did you know you can still purchase them? Online, of course, since there isn't any place around here that even sells typewriters let alone supplies.

I don't know why I spent so much time on this project but it is very satisfying to be able to pull this old portable typewriter out, open up the case and roll a form into the platen and start typing. I suppose this item could be classified as a dusty old thing, but when the zombie apocalypse comes I can type up legible warnings. ☺

08 August 2014

On the needles

Just a quick post as I need to get ready for work. This is the state of the knitting: a pair of socks in the knitting basket. The photo is dark, sorry. 

Off the Needles - August 8, 2014

Two items have recently come off the needles. Well, one, really. It is another Sunny Blanket made for the coming grandbebé. The yarn is Comfy Sport from KnitPicks.com and is a cotton/acrylic combo. It is oh, so soft.

Do you remember My Sister's Sweater? It's done! done! done! It has been off the needles for a while and even blocked. But it languished for the want of buttons and button holes. I finally dug through the button basket and found three that were absolutely perfect! The pattern is Hand-to-Hand by Elizabeth Zimmerman and is all garter stitch except for the cable that goes from hand to hand.

04 August 2014

Curtain Call!

I have been busy doing a bit of home dec sewing. The grandbebĂ©'s room needs curtains. DIL picked out the  fabric and I made four panels. This is a hard fabric to photograph the true colors wash out in the sun and the shade photo isn't much better.

Once I had the panels made, and the hem was ready to turn up, I got inspired to do the scalloped edge. Pretty cool, huh? After all, those big dots called for more curves.

I can't wait to see them hung up!

03 August 2014

Polar Vortex remembered

Remember back in January and February when it was so cold and "Polar Vortex" was the catch phrase? Now that we have the other extreme and it's HOT! HOT! HOT! maybe we can cool off with this photo.

25 July 2014

OTN Friday July 25, 2014

One photo, three projects.

There is the pair of trail socks that are finally finished, well, other than weaving in the ends and blocking.

And I started another Sunny blanket. Remember that other light green one? It was the yarn...I just hated how much it felt like a trash bag, especially right out of the dryer. This yarn is 'Comfy' sport from knitpicks.com in the color way Honeydew.  This is much better to work with as it is 75% cotton and 25% acrylic I like the 100% acrylic.

And then there is the ball of yarn for the next pair of socks: red, white and blue. Once I get started on them I'll tell you about the yarn.

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