10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

It is Mother's Day when all children celebrate their mother. Did you call your Mom yet?

I spent the day sewing. I finished this top and started to 'build' the backing. I am using all the left-over fabric from the top. I suppose you could say that it will almost be reversible. This is a horrible cell phone pic. Sorry.

I need to figure out a quilting design. For some reason I keep thinking grapes. Maybe because the fabrics remind me of a Merlot wine?

04 May 2015

So out of character

I cut out this 'kit' a long time ago, so long ago I can't remember when. Have you ever done that? This is a free pattern that I found on the Blank Quilting site. I just checked and it has been pulled. It is a quilt designed by Janet Houts for Blank Quilting and the finished size is 58" x 70".

See that green square? And to the right of it that aged muslin square? I am going to use the green one because it is the same value. If you turn the photo to gray scale that muslin one jumps out and waves it arms. What is out of character for me is it is almost a monochrome color scheme.

Oh and do you see those big squares and rectangles? Would you believe that they are the same fabric? It is a hand-dyed fabric that had total dye saturation so I could use both sides of the fabric. Sweeeeet.

What's on your design wall?

27 April 2015

Tea for Two or maybe Eight

I am having my kitchen remodeled. Oy. What a process! I am slowly emptying the cabinets and packing up the contents. In the process, I am finding long forgotten items like these teacups and saucers.

These have been handed down in my family for generations. Old hand painted porcelain cups and saucers, so thin they are almost transparent.

There is one cup that has no matching saucer. I think the saucer was shattered beyond repair and the cup was broken and later fixed. The repair in the cup is visible because the glue that was used has yellowed. How cute would it be to plant a succulent in that teacup?
10 Ways to Upcycle Vintage Teacups via Brit + Co.

13 April 2015

Design Wall Monday 4/13/15

Do you know what a poverty block is? When a quilter runs out of a fabric to make a block for a quilt and pieces together smaller bits of the fabric to make the block, the ensuing block is called a poverty block. Making do. I had to do this over the weekend.

I made a multitude of 4-patches over the weekend all from various white-on-white fabrics and one other pink/purple fabric.Can you see what happened? I ran out of fabric for that last block.

That is when I dug into the sewing room trash can and found these.

I wanted to use the purple because it was the darker of the two colors and I felt it would hide the seams better. There was enough of the two pieces of purple to piece together to make two 2.5" blocks. I then took apart one of the other purple 4-patches and substituted one of the poverty blocks into that block and made an entirely new 4-patch with the other poverty block. I moved the poverty blocks into the interior a bit so they wouldn't be as noticeable.

Okay. So I redid the design wall to make the checkerboard center a square rather than a rectangular shape. I like it much better as a square. You know that means I have to make ONE more poverty block, don't you? At least I have those pink pieces.

After that, the next step is to sew these 4-patch blocks into a large checkerboard. Can you believe that all that pink/purple is from one fabric?

What's on your design wall? Link to Patchwork Times DWM.

09 April 2015

Hi There

My heart hasn't been into blogging for a while; have I lost my muse? But I thought I really should try to write a decent post.

I am currently on a hiatus from knitting so I can let the arthritic fingers get back to 'normal'. Here are the last things I knitted this year. Just in time for warm weather. :) They are with the rest of the woolens, awaiting cooler weather.

I have been sewing however. I cut kits for myself and some have been in the sewing room for a while. A long while. I have been steadily stitching them together. I now have eleven tops on the hangers in the guestroom closet and another on the design wall is just about ready to hang out here with it's siblings.

Spring has arrived here in my part of the world and I have already gone out and removed last year's dead growth from several of the flower beds. The asparagus is producing wonderfully and has been appearing on the dinner plates regularly for over a week. The rhubarb started to bolt so I cut the flowers off and gave it lots of water, in hopes of making it a bit stronger. It is only the first year for it, but I hope to get enough from it this year for a least one rhubarb crisp. I need to go into the furthest garden bed to see if the horseradish is starting to pop up. How is your garden growing?

The whole yarden is being redesigned so there will be a lot of hardscaping going on around here: removing stuff, spreading stuff, adding concrete. Whew, I'm tired just reading that and I'm the one who is going to do some of the work (and work it will be).

01 April 2015

Walls and windows

I have this window in the front of the house. It is tall and narrow and a perfect place for a stained glass window. My auntie commissioned a stained glass artist to make this window for me. I love flowers and music and both of those passions are represented in the window. The red tulips and the blue lyre.

In the winter, the sun is at a lower angle and the stained glass window reflects it's colors on the wall next to the window.

About that wall. Here it is: reaching from the roof down to the lower level basement: all 23 feet of it. The color from the window is marching down the stairs and will soon be out of sight. It is only on this wall for about 15 minutes a day in the winter. In the spring and summer and early fall, the sun is too high in the sky to get this effect.

This is the wall that I talked about in a previous post. Remember? I ordered the system, now it is a matter of finding a helper to put it up.

Don't you think a quilt would look splendid on this wall?

20 March 2015

On The Needles 3/20/2015

Hi, there. The computer has a new power supply so I can actually blog now. I've been keeping busy knitting hats before warm weather gets here and I probably have one more that I can finish up. After that, it is gardening time since I have asparagus that I can pick so I know the ground is warm enough to dig in.

Here are the completed hats.

Can you tell that I was using up yarn? Love everything about the slouch hats. The slouch hats are actually a pattern called Goblin Hat. The original was in black & gray with a loop and button at the back but I modified it a bit.

I'm linking up to JudyL at Patchwork times for On The Needles Friday.