05 February 2016

Patience is the key

I seem to attract dog nibbled quilts. A friend had the quilt his grandmother made for him nibbled by the dog. The nibbled portion is in the center of two borders. This vintage quilt is in need of some serious rebuilting!

I stabilized the whole (hole!) area by stitching around it with quilting thread before washing. I had to wash it because I am very allergic to pet dander and I needed to get it clean to be able to work on it. And then I drew the cutting lines in blue washable marker.

After drawing the cutting lines, I removed that very narrow (yikes!) border and then the quilting stitches for about 24". I did this so I could cut out a bit of the backing. The backing on this quilt is the same fabric as the small outer border, so I have a place to 'steal' some fabric for the front. The next step is to applique a piece of vintage muslin over the place on the back where I removed the print fabric.

I carefully removed the damaged area of the top, batting and backing cutting along the blue lines and un-sewing from the main body of the quilt. It is a very interesting chore because you get to see how the original quilt maker made the quilt. The seam that is to the left of that green square in the upper right of the photo, turned out to be only 1/8" maybe less so it is a good thing I was patient and took my time. I sprayed the blue line with water and it is drying so I can work on it once it is dry.

This is the back side of the quilt. I soaked this portion of the quilt in water because I don't want to take a chance of the lines coming through the repair. I thought that as long as the quilt was wet, I would block it so the working area is square. A new use for free weights!

You can see where I removed a strip of the backing to use as the outer border on the front. The muslin piece is pinned into place using applique pins and once dry, I will applique this down.

Here is the completed quilt! Can you find the fixed area?

How about now?

The back shows where the fix is located.

Oh, and he was so happy there were tears in his eyes!

30 January 2016

First Finishes of 2016!

I have two finishes! The first ones of the new year.

This first quilt is a Quilt of Valor. Yes, I know, it isn't the Red/White/Blue color combo, but the size is right.

The diamond strips came out of the parts department. They were intended to be borders on another quilt, but it just didn't work. The backing is a black Kona cotton that I discharged dyed so it wouldn't be a solid and would therefore help to hide the quilting stitches.

This next one is a gift but I'm not telling who the recipient is just in case that person reads my blog.

This pattern is the first published BQ pattern. I love to use it when I have a large print fabric that would be lost in smaller blocks.

I did an all over quilting in the center, ditch stitched on each side of that narrow green border and then did a ribbon candy FMQ in the black border. I love this quilt and I hope the recipient does also.

20 January 2016


I've been doodle quilting!

What's neat about this is both are essentially the same viney thing just different leaves. Give it a try.

08 January 2016


I was knitting merrily along and then I noticed this:
This is not part of the pattern! It happened when I dropped a stitch and it went unnoticed. And so, I put in a lifeline because it was too far down to tink and needed to be ripped out.
After I got to the lifeline and got all those live stitches back on the needles I saw another error. *sigh* Can you guess how far down this one was? Far enough that I ripped the whole thing out and started over. I am considered this my gauge swatch.

At least I now know the 8 row repeat. Look on the bright side!

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31 December 2015

Cosy Toes

I have a finish! I made a pair of red socks for my sister as a Christmas gift and I liked them a lot, so I knitted a pair for myself. Her's were more lacy and mine are just a 3x1 rib but both pairs are cosy. And of course I have already cast on another pair.

Hey! do you see the yarn there in the basket? That is a discontinued Lion Brand Amazing colorway called Constellations. I found this wonderful pattern called The Prudence Crowley Vest that I know will look wonderful in this yarn. The gauge in the pattern is the same gauge that I get with this yarn, although they are two different yarns using different size needles. I know this will work. Pretty cool vest, huh?

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

18 December 2015

December 16, 2015 Blizzard

My garage is a separate building with these chairs against the wall. The snow drifts up against the door to the garage and forms a snow snake. You can see how it drifts up against the blue pots and then it curves back to the building, follows along the building a bit and then curves to the left out of the photo. When the fence in back was installed, the whole wind pattern changed and the drifts are different. It is now much harder to get into the garage. Ugh. Click on the photo to make it bigger and you can see the snow blowing sideways right there at the downspout.