20 March 2015

On The Needles 3/20/2015

Hi, there. The computer has a new power supply so I can actually blog now. I've been keeping busy knitting hats before warm weather gets here and I probably have one more that I can finish up. After that, it is gardening time since I have asparagus that I can pick so I know the ground is warm enough to dig in.

Here are the completed hats.

Can you tell that I was using up yarn? Love everything about the slouch hats. The slouch hats are actually a pattern called Goblin Hat. The original was in black & gray with a loop and button at the back but I modified it a bit.

I'm linking up to JudyL at Patchwork times for On The Needles Friday.

09 March 2015

Sick Computer

 The desktop computer at home REFUSES to turn on. What is with that? After surfing through various online forums (via my iPad) I have diagnosed a possible power supply problem. That is more than I want to deal with, so after opening it up and cleaning out the dust I dropped it off at the computer repair doc.

I have been trying to get a little more time out of this tired ole Vista-running computer, but it might be time to upgrade. Depends on what doc finds. I am hoping that I can cannibalize the old one for pieces and parts for the new one (if I have to buy a new one). That way I can get just a basic tower and add the enhancements from the old one.

And so, I wait.

UPDATE 3/10/15: Just as I suspected, it is the power supply. But because this is one of the slimline models, the computer doctor doesn't keep this model in stock and has to order it. I'll have the desktop back next week. At least now I know time with this desktop is more limited than I thought and I'll have to get crackin' on figuring out what software I have will need to be upgraded so it can run on a different platform. 

08 March 2015

Talk about thread nests

I'm a bit OCD. I bet that doesn't surprise some people. I save the empty spools when I use all the thread up. I used up 23 spools of thread last year, BTW. I also found myself saving my thread snips. Not intentionally, I swear! I just never emptied my little bin I keep by my sewing machine. Here is a photo of last year's batch. I actually had a hard time getting it out of the bin.
I put the quarter coin in for a reference.

07 March 2015

Warm Feet

These two different projects caught my eye.  Could the yarn be any more different in size? What is funny is that one project is a pair of socks and the other project is a pair of felted clogs: warm feet! 

05 March 2015

On the Needles 3/6/15

A bit of color work in a Modicum hat. This is a nice pattern because it uses up small balls of yarn.

The one thing I didn't like about this pattern was all the ends that I had to weave it. It's one thing with wool because it will eventually felt a bit and so the ends will 'stick'. But with acrylic yarn like this, the ends have a tendency to unravel from the weaving. I usually use a dot of Fray Check (yes that one!) between the woven in end and another loop of yarn. It works!

23 February 2015

My Design Wall is full

It started innocently enough: it was going to be a Buckeye Beauty quilt. All the pieces were made and on the design wall. But I hesitated to sew it together. Something wasn't sitting well with me on it. Then I realized that there were just too many 'styles' of fabric trying to play together and it wasn't working. It came down off the wall and with the addition of a bit more white fabric, there is one child's quilt ready to sew together.

The pinwheels were put back onto the wall in three different groupings, and I think I will combine the two groupings on the left of the photo into one quilt. The twelve pinwheel blocks on the bottom will be another quilt.

What you don't see are the rest of the four patches. There's a plan, yes there is! But something has to come off the design wall to put the four patches up.

So out of one largish quilt, four or five smaller quilts will be made.

What's on your wall?

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18 February 2015

It hasn't been all yarn time

I took a bit of time out and made these two cute pouches.

The first one is just something I made for my grand-niece, Jordan. It accompanied the quilt that I gifted to her.

This pouch is in my purse for things because I hate not being able to find stuff in my bag.

I am having issues with one of my eyes. Sparks and floaters. Floaters and sparks. It has a neat sound for something not very pleasant. I wear glasses and I feel like some one has put petroleum jelly on one of the lenses because I am straining to see through the gunk. The doc said it will somewhat dissipate overtime, but it is highly unsettling to see through this cobwebby stuff. Needless to say, fine hand sewing is out of the question.