22 June 2015

Update on Faithful Circle quilt

It sometimes seems like this is my forever project. I decided that to keep it from becoming an unfinished project, I should reconsider the size. I redrafted it and drastically cut the size. If I think it is too small once I get it together, I can always add more blocks, though.

I streamlined the sewing: I am putting all the colored pieces on and then I'll go back and add the triangles.

See that batch of hexagons (5" in size) to the left? That is all the blocks left to do in the new, smaller size. Yeah!

Update: I am adding the small triangles! All the colored pieces are sewn on!

15 June 2015

Quilting without a Stitch Regulator

The kitchen is to a point where I can relax just a bit. There are still things to do: put up the blinds, install handles on the cupboards, make dividers for some of the drawers, install the hood/microwave over the stove and change out all the old plug-ins.

This past weekend I ended up in the sewing room and quilted a small pin basted charity quilt. This is just one piece of fabric by Marcus Brothers and a blue fleece on the back.

When I bought my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen sit-down quilting machine, I wondered if I needed to purchase a stitch regulator. I realized that I had been quilting without one on my domestic sewing machine all along, so why was I considered getting one now? Look at those beautiful stitches! And without a stitch regulator.

04 June 2015

The Month of May

plus a bit of April have not been spectacular. It all started with the Shingles. This is a very painful thing to endure and I urge you to get the vaccination. I was down and out for 4 weeks.

Right in the middle of the Shingles episode, we started a total kitchen remodel which didn't help on the stress level.


Upper cabinets are GONE!

Really bad laminate flooring GONE!

All new cabinets!

New sink, countertop and backsplash!

If you are planning to visit, I suggest you get a hotel room
since the guestroom is so crowded with stuff.

Here is the temporary kitchen.

The remodel should be finished by this coming weekend. Then it is a matter of finding places for the stuff whether it is a drawer, cabinet or donation pile.

While this was all happening I took my sewing machine into the shop for a spa treatment and my car ending up getting a new water pump. I will be glad to stop spending money and eating out. The eating out is getting really, really old.

The little things will happen this weekend: handles on all the door and drawers. Next week all the electrical plug ins and switches are to be changed from the old 1970s almond to white. Here's a funny for you: I think the original electrician in this house was dyslexic. Why do I think this? Because switches are on the wrong sides of doors  in very awkward places and all the plug ins are upside down! The grounding plug is on top and for 40 years I have been confused on how to plug into these stupid things. The pendant lights for over the sink are back ordered so the old one will have to do for now.

I do have some plans for decorating, but you will have to wait to see.

So what's up with you?

29 May 2015

Yarn Work

There has been a lot of yarny happenings around here.

I used up the last of the acrylic yarn (I know!) by making this cute little baby hat.

My sister, who has an auto-immune disease, likes the mitts that I make and requested some summer weight ones. This first pair is a pattern called "Fetching" from Kitty.com. I used a really sweet yarn byElsebeth Lavold Bambool, which is a bamboo/wool mixture.

This pair of mitts is just a basic cable. The yarn is Rowan merino wool/cotton blend..

I started this sweater: the Cuff-to-Cuff Sweater. It's a free pattern from Red Heart yarns. I made it using Lion Brand Amazing yarn in the "Joshua Tree" colorway. The nice thing about doing a side-to-side sweater with self striping yarn it that the stripes run vertically. Vertically lines are a good thing for wider bodies. *grin* This still needs to be blocked so I can sew up the side seams . Then it will be done.

Since I have to wait to block the other sweater, I started this crocheted Cocoon Jacket. This is a pattern I cut out of Woman's Day magazine back in September 1989. The yarn has been discontinued, of course, but I substituted more of the Lion Brand Amazing yarn in the colorway "Carnival". This one has also been put into the knitting basket to await blocking and seaming. I almost ran out of yarn for this project, but I bought two skeins from Joann Fabrics online. When I realized that wasn't going to be enough, I went back and the colorway was sold out. :( I finally found another skein on Ravelry! Yay!

Those are the recent finishes and almost finishes. I have nothing on the knitting needles at the moment, but I am noodling about with a crochet hook. I am free-form crocheting a hanging basket for my DIL. Fun!

What is on your needles? I am linking up with JudyL's On The Needles Friday.

10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

It is Mother's Day when all children celebrate their mother. Did you call your Mom yet?

I spent the day sewing. I finished this top and started to 'build' the backing. I am using all the left-over fabric from the top. I suppose you could say that it will almost be reversible. This is a horrible cell phone pic. Sorry.

I need to figure out a quilting design. For some reason I keep thinking grapes. Maybe because the fabrics remind me of a Merlot wine?

04 May 2015

So out of character

I cut out this 'kit' a long time ago, so long ago I can't remember when. Have you ever done that? This is a free pattern that I found on the Blank Quilting site. I just checked and it has been pulled. It is a quilt designed by Janet Houts for Blank Quilting and the finished size is 58" x 70".

See that green square? And to the right of it that aged muslin square? I am going to use the green one because it is the same value. If you turn the photo to gray scale that muslin one jumps out and waves it arms. What is out of character for me is it is almost a monochrome color scheme.

Oh and do you see those big squares and rectangles? Would you believe that they are the same fabric? It is a hand-dyed fabric that had total dye saturation so I could use both sides of the fabric. Sweeeeet.

What's on your design wall?