23 February 2015

My Design Wall is full

It started innocently enough: it was going to be a Buckeye Beauty quilt. All the pieces were made and on the design wall. But I hesitated to sew it together. Something wasn't sitting well with me on it. Then I realized that there were just too many 'styles' of fabric trying to play together and it wasn't working. It came down off the wall and with the addition of a bit more white fabric, there is one child's quilt ready to sew together.

The pinwheels were put back onto the wall in three different groupings, and I think I will combine the two groupings on the left of the photo into one quilt. The twelve pinwheel blocks on the bottom will be another quilt.

What you don't see are the rest of the four patches. There's a plan, yes there is! But something has to come off the design wall to put the four patches up.

So out of one largish quilt, four or five smaller quilts will be made.

What's on your wall?

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18 February 2015

It hasn't been all yarn time

I took a bit of time out and made these two cute pouches.

The first one is just something I made for my grand-niece, Jordan. It accompanied the quilt that I gifted to her.

This pouch is in my purse for things because I hate not being able to find stuff in my bag.

I am having issues with one of my eyes. Sparks and floaters. Floaters and sparks. It has a neat sound for something not very pleasant. I wear glasses and I feel like some one has put petroleum jelly on one of the lenses because I am straining to see through the gunk. The doc said it will somewhat dissipate overtime, but it is highly unsettling to see through this cobwebby stuff. Needless to say, fine hand sewing is out of the question.

09 February 2015

Upcycled Sweatshirt in six easy steps.

I had this pale green sweatshirt that fit nicely; it wasn't one of those with raglan sleeves. It suffered a fate that involved bleach. Boo hoo. But I still wore it until about 3 weeks ago when I decided to make a jacket out of it.

Unfortunately I didn't take photos of the process, but you can search online for the technique to turn a sweatshirt into a cardigan or jacket.

  1. Take the sweatshirt apart
  2. Use the sweatshirt pieces to rough cut fabric to cover the outside of the shirt
  3. Quilt the pieces. I lucked out, because the batik I used had a nice vine on it that I followed as my quilting
  4. Trim the fabric to match the sweatshirt fleece
  5. Reassemble the sweatshirt and add binding around the cuff and neck/front/hemline
  6. Add the zipper
You're done!

This was some cheap batik that I didn't want to use in a quilt and decided that it would be better as a garment. It almost has a camouflage look to it, doesn't it?

08 February 2015

Yup, more charity knitting

Over the last several weeks I have been doing a lot of charity knitting. Knitting up the stash! These are all acrylic yarn.

This is a free pattern on Ravelry called Classic World War II Watch Cap. It has various sizes and stitch patterns. I started out trying to find a size to fit my head. Since I had a LOT of yarn I started with the largest which is like an XL. The stitch pattern is a very wide rib. Believe me when I say that this hat is huge.

The next one I knit was the adult large The stitch pattern is a pennant design with the pennants pointing to the left. There was one with the pennants pointing to the right. I was starting to feel a bit like Goldilocks, this hat was too big also.

The next hat was an adult medium with a zigzag stitch pattern done in columns. Eureka! I now know how many stitches to cast on for a perfect fit for my head! Yes, this one fit.

One more size is the adult small/child large. I like the stitch pattern in this one: a spiral inside columns.

I had just a tad bit of yarn left, so I made some bi-color mittens to use up the light blue. Next up, since I got into it, is using up that other blue.
I had a request from my sister for some more fingerless mitts, so I'm knitting up several pair to send to her. It is so nice when your knitting is really appreciated, isn't it?

What's on your needles?

05 February 2015

The need to sew or why I knit so much

I really want to sew, but my sewing room is in the basement. Yes, I have a furnace in the house, but when there is a fire in the wood burning stove the furnace does not turn on. Another factor is that  passive solar gain in my house also keeps the furnace from turning on. What a dilemma! I love the advantages of the wood burning stove and the solar, not to mention not paying big $$$ to a utility company, but it certainly limits the sewing in the winter.

I have looked around the main floor to see if there is a spot I can carve out for my featherweight but that, too, isn't going to work since I am not the only one in the house.

I have tried doing a bit of hand sewing but frankly, I need to spread out when I work on the current project.

So there you have it. I knit in the winter because it is too cold to sew. 

30 January 2015

On The Needles: January 30, 2015

I finished another baby afghan (Crocheted Double Diamond) that used just a wee bit of this yarn. So I made a hat, scarf and mitten set for some unknown child. It still needs to be washed and then it is ready to go into the donation pile There is more of the other two yarns left over, so I cast on for another hat. I'm just playing around with patterns, trying to get a good fit for myself.

How's your weekend going?

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23 January 2015

Finishes finishes

I have several finishes to share with you.

It hasn't all been knitting and crocheting. I actually have a quilt done. This is for my grand-niece, Jordan. She loves pink and purple, can you tell? I cut some leftover Cuddle fabric (left over from making jammies) into 10" squares and put it on the back. Oh, never again! I just did not enjoy that process.

This quilt was made TOTALLY from stash. I am so proud of myself for that accomplishment. Because of the stretchy quality of the Cuddle I put the quilt under the sewing machine needle and tacked it down using a bar tack. There was no way I was going to try to quilt this.

The Skyp Socks are finally, finally finished. I started these in Sep 2014 and finished them today. This pic shows them blocking. What can I say? I got extremely bored with them.

And one more finish. I had two skeins of off white acrylic yarn, so I cast on for an enlarged version of Grandmother's Favorite dishcloth, only this is a baby swaddling blanket as it is 30" square. Easiest knitted baby blanket EVEH!

And on the hook is one more crocheted baby blanket. It's the last one for a while, I swear! Honest.

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