20 October 2014

Blog Hopping Around The World

My friend, Juliann over at Lining Up My Stitches, asked me to join in on the Around The World Blog Hop. And I did!

What I am working on
This is the second quilt I have sewn using the double four patch block and this setting. The color in this photo is a bit saturated; I can't seem to get good color on this quilt in a photo so when I shoot the final pic, I'll do it outside. You can see the other quilt here. This time I wanted to do a more controlled blocking with the both color and value. You can follow the progression from yellow to orange to red to purple to blue to brown to green. The values go from the lightest in the 'center' out to the darkest at the edges. This turned out exactly as I planned!

I thought the top was finished but it said 'no' I want more! And so I auditioned borders. I started by using a 2.5" strip for an inner border and a lovely batik I had in my stash for an outer border. The inner border just doesn't do anything for the quilt, does it?

So I move the outer border fabric in until there was only 1" showing. It is much better, but I still felt there was something better.

How about a quarter inch flange? Eureka! I really like this one and will probably use it.

How does my work differ from others? 
I do love to work in color value. It is a time consuming endeavor, but, oh so fulfilling. The results can be spectacular when you get it right! The challenge of creating a beautiful object is so rewarding, especially if it is functionable.

How does my creating process work? 
It starts on a whim and then I jump in 100%. First the idea comes to me and I start sketching. Once I get it a bit firmer I will create the quilt in Electric Quilt. I don't color it correctly because I love working with all kinds of different fabrics in a quilt and never know what is going to be used. This type of process does generate a lot of spare quilt parts, though. This quilt doesn't have a repeat of any of the colored fabrics so each block is different; it is almost, but not quite, a charm quilt. As I work on it, I let it talk to me about borders and quilting designs. Some quilts emphatically say they don't need a border and others, like this one tell you that it isn't finished yet. As I work on the piecing or applique I always ponder how I am going to quilt it. Now that I have a Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen, I do all my own quilting. How am I going to quilt this one? I don't know yet, but there are several ideas bouncing around in my brain. This is another area that I audition. I have a large sheet of heavy grade vinyl that I pin over the top and then draw a quilting design on it using a dry erase marker so it is easy to erase.

When I am not quilting I am . . .
Knitting. I have knit since I was a child and have been knitting for over 50 years. I don't design knitted garments, but I could if I wanted to do so, but I leave the designing to others. I am a process knitter, I like the process and give away a lot of the things I knit.

I am going to link to Susan at Patchwork Reflections who will do a post on October 27. Please visit Susan's blog as she is a very good storyteller and takes great photos!

I am also going to link to JudyL at PatchworkTimes.com for Design Wall Monday.

30 September 2014

Spinning Seams

I love to spin the seams. Don't these look cute? It really makes the block lay flat, too.

25 September 2014

Fall Color

Click the photo to zoom.
 Even with my fingers and thumbs bandaged I was able to go on one last camping trip last weekend. In fact, the way they were bandaged facilitated taking photos with the big camera, at least when it came to holding it.

The color of the aspen trees in the campground and surrounding forest were great! As the weekend progressed, I could see the color deepening and the greener trees were showing a bit more gold. Around the campground the gray squirrels were scurrying to their storage holes with unopened pine cones. The ground around the hole opening was littered with the remains of the pine cones after the squirrels removed the 'nut'.

Overheard two teenaged boys as they walked by our camping spot: "Siri? Siri? Are you there?" LOL! There was absolutely NO cell service where we camped at 8,100 feet elevation.

Despite the hands, it was a wonderful relaxing weekend. Just what I needed.

18 September 2014

Stupid, stupid, stupid

I picked up a hot casserole dish and got second degree burns. Owowowowow.

I can't do anything but poke buttons. So far I have 'visited' amazon, spoonflower and connecting threads. Somebody stop me! LOL.

12 September 2014

On The Needles September 12, 2014

These socks actually were finished several weeks ago, but I haven't had time to post about them. I call these the Plain Jane socks. It's a simple pattern of K3, P1 ribbing with a common heel. These are larger than I can wear so they will go into the bin. I keep extra knitted items on hand for gift giving opportunities. Do you?

I went to visit my new Grand-bebé last weekend and unfortunately left my knitting bag there. I guess I'll just have to go back to retrieve it. Plus get more baby time. ;-)

In the meantime, I had to start a new project. More socks. This is a simple 2 stitch cable. Why the toothpick? It is my cable needle. Since my favorite needles and row marker are in another town, I had to pull out a different set of needles, row marker and even knitting bag. 

What are you knitting? I'm linking to Judy's linky.

11 September 2014

Baby Quilts

I have been sewing baby quilts lately. This quilt actually was a one block quilt measuring 22"x22" called Pieces of My Heart by Sassafras Lane Designs that I found on Craftsy. I made four of the blocks and added a border.

After talking with a new mother and consulting with several blog friends about a backings and battings for this, I ended up using Ultra Cuddle fabric with no batting. Quilting was done on my DSM using a walking foot in straight lines.

From the left overs I pieced this quilt. Once again I used the Ultra Cuddle for the backing with no batting. The quilting was done on my Handi Quilter Sweet 16 in an all over large meander.

The top quilt with the hearts was given to my brand new grand-daughter, Miss Addy. The other quilt will go into my donation pile.

10 September 2014

Belated Design Wall Post, September 10, 2014

Clara's quilt is progressing nicely. This is the starting layout that I really like, but not with these blocks. Those blocks will finish at 8" and this layout just seems clunky with that size block. If the finished size of the blocks were smaller this would look so much better.

All the blocks came off the wall and were put back in this configuration. I need to tweek this a bit. I am not happy with the bulls eye effect so I am going to move the centralish area down and to the left just a bit. Plus the gold/yellows need to be feathered into the greens and reds. The golds and reds just seems to be too color blocked.

I am late to post this to design wall Monday, but here it is.