06 October 2015

Halted progress

I had to stop the quilting progress on this little quilt. This is another donation quilt using up all the pre-cut 2.5" WOW squares from the scrap bin plus all the 2.5" squares I saved from someone's trash bin at a quilting retreat several years ago. I've gotten the center portion quilted with this:

And the two outer borders are ditch stitched, but then I came to a screeching halt. I realized that even though I wanted to do ribbon candy quilting in that inner border, I had never, as in NEVER, done ribbon candy. Time to practice. I have found that lined notebook paper is the perfect thing to prqactice with since I don't have to drawn the line.

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03 October 2015

On the needles 10/3/215

It seems I've been knitting this circle scarf forever.It's called Lava Flow and is a simple 2x2 rib with some ribbed cables thrown in for interest. I had two balls of this pale pink merino wool in a DK weight that I thought would work for this scarf. Interestingly, the scarf is actually knitted flat, but with a provisional cast on. After blocking it is then joined with a twist in the scarf to make it mobius.

I joined a knitting take and replace swap. The box came this past week and it was so hard to decide what I wanted to take. Here are the goodies I decided to keep. No, I am not getting into lace knitting, but I know someone who does do it and that purple lace yarn is her favorite color! The tea is so very welcome to my poor abused throat: I've been sick for most of September and it is down to a nagging cough.

What's on your needles?
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29 September 2015

A Tuesday Tute, sort of.

I've been doing a lot of quilting lately. I guess you've noticed. A while ago, maybe several years, I had a baby quilt quilted by a long arm quilter. I can't remember if it was a computer generated pattern or a pantograph, but I loved both the quilt and the quilting, so I kept it. I am known for giving away my quilts, so this is surprising.

Now that I have my own machine, a Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen, I am glad I kept this little quilt. I've been practicing this pattern and I like the way it looks when done free motion. It gives it a bit more of the human touch. Don't you agree?

28 September 2015

Design Wall Monday: Sept 28, 2015

Whoa! I actually have a DWM post. It's not on the design wall but in my lap since I'm stitching on the binding. And, yes, I do my own machine quilting. Once I have it on, I'll show you the front. It is only a flannel jelly roll race, so it's nothing special.

Do you like my make-do binding clips?

I'm going to link with Judy's Design Wall Monday linky party.

27 September 2015


I had some blocks leftover from Clara's quilt, so I combined them with some sashings and here's what resulted!

I quilted it in a simple large meander.  

It's a good size: 68" x 68".

14 September 2015

A New/Old Favorite Tool

Have you ever used the SimFlex Expanding Sewing Gauge? It is great for easily getting equally spaced buttonholes, buttons, pleats and other things when sewing. This might look familiar to those of you who have done garment sewing in the past.

Here's how I use it now. Quilting! Yes, it is great for quick unmeasured marks when quilting. This first photo is of the area that needs the tic marks. That print fabric is 2x8 and I want equal 2" dividers. I could measure it out but that is too fiddly and slow for me. I want to get this quilt done.

Here I have set up my gauge for marking. (Well used quilting gloves, huh?)

Here's a better shot. By lining up one of the 'fingers' at each end of the 8" strip I have the positions I need to make the marks. What the photo doesn't show is the rest of the gauge off the right edge of the photo.

Isn't this sweet? I love finding new uses for older tools.

11 September 2015